Lesson 1


  (Week One)
Example 1
Please create a design for the word "Carnival"
Prior to start with the art lesson, please review the word document below:

You can also watch following videos where there are also children like you participating in this celebration:

Carnival around the World


Carnival In Puerto Rico


Song of Yemanja (Brazil)


Carnival In Brazil


Carnival in Mexico


White paper
Crayons, Color pencils,markers, etc,
Instruction Summary sheet:
You can print this document with the step by step instructions or see the instructions below.
Step by Step instructions:
Step 1
Choose the directions where the word carnival will be displayed.
Step 2
Write the word Carnival leaving space in between words as the example:
Step 3
Circle around each letter of the word Carnival as the example.
Step 4
Erase each letter inside.
Step 5
Design fun characters or patterns inside and around the word Carnival.
Step 6
Finalize your design and color in using crayons, markers, color pencils, etc.
Example Page 2
Example Page 3

Lesson 2

Carnival Masks

   (Week Two)



Now we will be exploring how to create masks using anything you can find at home from a copy paper, news paper, magazine paper, etc

Please read about the use of mask in Puerto Rico, Brazil and Mexico.

After reading this information you can choose one or do all the three masks in the pdf files. There is one of the Day of the Dead, one cat mask and one bird mask.

Please color the masks, make designs, add flowers, stars etc anything you can imagine! then you can assemble the mask. Cut the lines in the border and overlap them using glue (you can also staple), When you overlap these sides you will notice that your paper turned into a 3D Mask.

Once you explored how to make these mask you can now design and make your own. Remember you need to make the three cuts on the paper: one on the top front, and two on the sides.

Punch a hole on the sides, add a string and Bravo ! you have a mask.


Bravo means great in Spanish :)

Don't forget to ask your parents for help and ask them to take a picture of your work and send it to my email


I will display your work on the gallery.


Ig you want to send me a picture of something else you are drawing, please do so!


I miss you! See you soon,


Mrs Majer

Basic Paper Mask Making
 Please see the steps to make a   basic 3D Mask. 
Please open the document above and learn about Carnival Masks
Mask Paper Templates
Choose one or do all of them.
Creating a parade collage is fun!
You will need to have some newspaper, magazines or store papers with many pictures around.
The purpose is to choose pictures from these magazines, etc and cut each of them to create a scene of a parade.
Remember that in a parade people wear bright color costumes, animal, flower, fruit decorations and mask.

Lesson 3

Carnival parade Collage

         (Week 3)
Step 1 Inspirations
People use flowers. feathers, mask of animals on a parade. Try to find pictures with these elements.
Step 2: Collecting pictures:
As the example I collected pictures of plants. people, crowns, etc. I will use or not all these pictures but collecting them will help me create my collage.
Pencil, eraser
glue, scissors
white or any contruction or paper available for the background
magazines, old books, news paper, store panphlets, etc
Please ask permission from your parents before cutting any books, magazines, etc.
Have fun!
Step 3 Cutting
I like to cut around the pictures to play around my composition.
when I am happy with the display I cut carefully each picture around the shapes.
Step 4 Displaying
Once you are happy with the display of your characters, cut each picture carefully. 
Step 5 Gluing
Glue your pictures. Leave space on the bottom so you can draw the characters and other decorations.
Step 6: Drawing
This is the time to create your characters, boy and girls, many people. 
Use soft pencil lines.
Step 7: Coloring
Once you have your drawings done, color in.
Use bright colors, remember they are in a parade!

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